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Paws-A-Tive Choice for People

Paws-A-Tive Choice, LLC has always been a family-oriented learning center. Classes are not only about training dogs, but also about helping families build a loving relationship with their canine companions. I began that beautiful journey in 1993.

I am going back to my roots and am offering a variety of sessions that are devoted just for people. A lot of my philosophies stem from my early days when I was working with complementary modalities. I received my certification as a Flower Essence Practitioner in 2000; I was certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner in 2001 and also certified as a Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner in 2007.

Through my certifying education, I learned so much about how our mental and emotional states affect others around us, especially our animal companions.

We are often the care givers of others and of our animal companions. Sometimes we don’t take the time to care for ourselves.

These sessions will be enjoyable, relaxing and devoted to you, after all, you deserve it.


Stay Tuned for Upcoming Classes

Dates and times will be posted when the next class is scheduled.

If you have a topic you are interested in, and would like Paws-A-Tive Choice to host a seminar or workshop, please send an email to: happydogschoice@gmail.com