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Chris Bach's Step-By-Step Guide on How to Play THE EYE CONTACT GAME

By Chris Bach and The Third Way – The Next Generation in Reinforcement Training

Chris investigates the role of GOOD GUIDANCE and the many MANAGEMENT techniques and devices available to help us PREVENT PROBLEMS, instead of trying to solve them.

According to Chris, “The good news is that the battle is with ONLY the dog’s environment. It is NEVER with the dog! Therefore the cornerstone for problem preventing is consistent control over what dogs learn and what dogs do through proper GUIDANCE and consistent MANAGEMENT.”

As you read this training article, you will begin to see the importance of “guiding” your canine friend, rather than “ruling over” him.

Being A Guide

Each dog needs a GUIDE to lead him into the unknown world of human expectations. The GUIDE is responsible for taking appropriate actions to prevent problems. The GUIDE takes time to teach the dog what is expected and makes sure that the dog is either being guided or managed at all times.


Good MANAGEMENT means that devices and techniques are always in place so that a dog owner, trainer, or caretaker has the ability to stop or prevent undesirable responses when they happen. This is important during day-to-day interactions as well as during the teaching and proofing processes.

There are many good and clever management techniques and devices available to help dog trainers and owners. There are some devices that are exclusive to THE THIRD WAY and many others that are used in ways unique to THE THIRD WAY. These will be explained so that GUIDES can be prepared to use them to their best advantage.

When puppy and dog owners are better prepared with good, sound programs for guidance and management, they can prevent problems and have happy, harmonious relationships with their canine companions beginning with the first day and lasting a lifetime.

There are six fundamental goals for good guidance. Over the next few months, we will discuss these goals in detail starting with the first goal: A good GUIDE makes the commitment to give the dog conscientious and consistent guidance.


For the sake of a happy, harmonious and successful life-long relationship with your new canine companion, it will be necessary for you to make a commitment to becoming his dedicated GUIDE. In order to do so, you will want to understand the purpose and scope of this important task.

The purpose of a GUIDE is to oversee all of the details of your dog’s life in order to provide protection through management and a good education. Management will be intended to protect your dog from harmful things and from harming himself. A good education will enable the dog to respond appropriately to the wishes of you and his human family. Doing this guarantees that things will happen in the best way possible for him to become the ideal adult dog and fulfill everyone’s expectations. These expectations can be a good pet, winning competitive partner, dependable service assistant, or helpful hunting companion. The purposes for which people own dogs are individual and varied and yours are as personal as mine are. But one thing is certain, only proper guidance at all times will guarantee your dog’s success.

The scope of guidance is all encompassing. Many situations will require that your dog’s behavior be manipulated for his own good and the good of other household members. The dog will need to constantly have his environment and his responses to the environment modified. This monitoring, controlling and manipulation of the dog and his environment will be the total responsibility of you, his GUIDE. When you cannot be with your dog, either you will arrange for a substitute GUIDE or you will arrange for appropriate management procedures and take responsibility for seeing that they are utilized.

Being a good GUIDE requires that you voluntarily make a firm commitment to be sure that your dog is given proper guidance at all times. Thereby you will accomplish the goal of enabling him to live and perform in the best ways possible for his own benefit, as well as the good of yourself and everyone else in your household.

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