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A Shepherd’s Tale

Written by – Mary Ellen Klotz (Kathy’s Mom)

Banjo’s story must be told when life began the tale unfolds.  A puppy so playful; he loved to have fun chasing sticks, on the run from early morn till day was done.

He never met a tastier treat than Ol’ McDonald’s “BON APPETIT” from hash browns and sausage to ice cream and cone he often wished that place was home.

In early years this kindly “gent” brought a gift from heaven sent a gentle paw a tender sigh he brought a smile to those who cried elders loved this handsome soul in his presence they had no woes.

Oh to swim that lake so grand bubbles and waves you bet I can under the water he swam with glee Banjo was there you better believe.

Life is fragile and age creeps in the body weakened he fought to win.

Banjo never lost his will to let us know he loved us still. A loving and gentle spirit remains in the hearts of your family.

BANJO is your name

Sleep well our beloved Banjo.
Jan. 29, 1993-April 4, 2005