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An Interview with Ruth Spencer: A Gifted Woman Who Can "Read" Animals

By Kathy Edstrom

When I first learned about Ruth Spencer, I was very skeptical. I received a gift certificate for a “Celestial Reading” with Ruth, and all I could think about were the “1-800 psychics” that are advertised on television. When I scheduled a “reading” for myself with Ruth, I decided I would go into it with an open mind, and not have any realistic expectations. After I had my Celestial Reading, my skepticism no longer existed.

At that time, I didn’t know Ruth wanted to work with animals, so I did not consider asking her to do a reading for my dogs. I had also attended a couple of seminars by different animal communicators, and after attending those, they just added to my skepticism. Some of the information that these communicators supposedly received from their clients’ pets seemed very far-fetched in my opinion. I remember one communicator talking about a dog who wanted to wear a pink tutu. That information was a bit difficult for me to digest. So considering an animal communicator was something I was turned off to.

After my personal experience with Ruth, I contacted her a few months later and asked if she would be willing to provide a readingfor my German shepherd, Virgo. To my delight, Ruth said “yes”, and we scheduled a reading by telephone.

Virgo’s Celestial Reading with Ruth

Ruth requested that I send her a picture of Virgo. When I sent the photo, the ONLY information I provided was his name, and age. Just from receiving the photo, Ruth connected with Virgo’s energy, and she e-mailed me some very detailed information. Ruth told me she could “see” Virgo standing at what appeared to be the bottom of a hill. He was looking up at this very steep hill, and wanted to climb it, but he couldn’t. He was trying, but he just couldn’t make it all the way up the hill. Ruth said it was almost like he couldn’t see what was at the top, so he was afraid to climb it.

This information would not have made sense to most people, but for me, it was right on the mark. Ruth did not know that I was doing agility with Virgo. He has had on-going issues with one of the obstacles, the dog-walk. Virgo would literally stand at the bottom of the dog-walk, and he would try and try, and only get half way up the plank, and then he’d jump off. Even my agility instructor was trying to figure out why Virgo would keep attempting to go up, but only get half way, and then jump off.

Ruth admitted to me that this information did not make sense to her, but wanted to know if it had any meaning for me. I told her it did, but I still didn’t give her any information about Virgo until we completed his reading.

Because Virgo was having issues with the dog-walk, my instructor recommended I have Virgo walk through a ladder that laid flat on the ground. This would help Virgo become aware of his foot-placement, and also help him be aware of what his body was doing. During Virgo’s telephone reading, Ruth said she saw something that looked like railroad tracks, but they were narrower than what normal tracks would be. Then she said she felt that Virgo had some problems with his feet. Ruth said she sensed a burning sensation. Well, my interpretation was the railroad tracks were the ladder that was placed on the ground. Ruth was also 100% correct about Virgo’s feet. He was having problems with his front feet. Virgo is a compulsive paw-licker, and at that time, his front left foot was very red and sore from always licking it. Once again, Ruth provided information that was very detailed, and was not “common” information. If Ruth had told this to another individual, most likely it would not have made sense to them. But for us, this was very personal, and she spoke about specific things that were very in-tune with who Virgo is, and what he’s all about.

Upon completing Virgo’s reading, Ruth asked me if any of the information she received made sense. I then confirmed everything she spoke about. I was completely amazed. I knew that I found someone who truly has the gift to connect with animals, and she was not providing general information that could easily pertain to any pet, but was very detailed, personal information.

Ruth with Ginger
I decided I had to interview Ruth for my website. I wanted my web visitors to “meet” a person who truly does have the gift to “read” animals, and is not someone who tells pet owners what they want to hear, or provides information that could pertain to any pet. Ruth is the “real-deal”. She not only proved herself with the reading she did for me, but the detailed information she provided about Virgo just blew me away.

Please take the time to read my interview with Ruth Spencer. She is a warm, caring individual, who really has a gift to connect with God’s creatures.

Ruth Spencer – A Gifted Woman Who Can “Read” Animals

Paws-A-Tive Choice: What is the name of your business?

Ruth Spencer: Lightworker Readings

Paws-A-Tive Choice: How long have you been doing Celestial Readings?

Ruth:Three years.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Please explain what a Celestial Reading is.

Ruth: Energy never dies it just changes form. Science has proven that. A Celestial Reading requires that I raise my energy vibration (through meditation) so that I can reach and tap into the energy field of thoughts and feelings that provide us with information about ourselves, and others, regardless of how that energy has manifested. I believe that energy field is always there, and available, and that there are those who are in spirit who are assigned to help us here reach that information. They are guiding, providing, and supporting the effort.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: When did you discover you had this gift to do Celestial Readings?

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Is there a difference between an ‘animal communicator’ and someone like yourself who does Celestial Readings?

Ruth: As you know, we humans are all predisposed to have certain talents – some of us are artists, some teachers, some nurses, etc. Although we all have the ability to raise our energy vibration to see the unseen, most of us have forgotten that we can. There are others of us where this ability just seems as natural as painting a picture, helping someone read, or giving first aid. As in any field of endeavor, there are those who have the ability to specialize. For example, there are many people who can build homes, but there are a few who like to specialize in building domes.

It’s the same for those of us who are reading the higher energy vibrations. Although all the information is there for each of us, we seem to fall into ‘specialties’ if you will, where certain information is easier to access. Thus, I believe the answer to your question is no and yes. No, we’re all accessing the same field, and yes, some of us are drawn to the daisies while others to the daffodils! However, I don’t feel I am a communicator in the sense that communicating is a two-way street. I am a ‘reader’. I tap into that energy field to get information, not to have a conversation.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: What type of information does a Celestial Reading provide the person who utilizes your services? 

Ruth: Any information that is for the highest good of all involved, in divine order and that which will provide the most healing. I believe this wholeheartedly. It is the bottom line for me.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Who can benefit from receiving a Celestial Reading?

Ruth: Anyone who is seeking help in finding resolution to whatever it is in their life that is creating an impasse, or creating a less-than-desirable feeling or behavior, or who just knows something isn’t right and can’t seem to find out why.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: What should a pet owner look for with regard to contacting an ‘animal communicator’, or someone who does Celestial Readings?

Ruth: I’m not sure about communicators, but to contact a reader let me answer by way of an analogy. It would be like taking your child to the doctor. Since there are many doctors and you are new in town, a referral from a neighbor or co-worker or perhaps the telephone book could all be a starting place. Once you get to the doctor’s office, you start noticing – how many people have their children there? Are the office clerks cheerful, helpful, and friendly? Do you feel comfortable there? Does your child react positively? Then when it’s your turn to see the doctor, you begin assessing again. Does the doctor have a genuine interest in hearing what you have to say about your child? Does the doctor interact comfortably with you and your child? How does your child react with the doctor? Does the doctor seem to be treating your child with knowledgeable action or is the doctor hesitating and speaking in generalities? Throughout the whole encounter, whether you are aware of it or not, you have been making an assessment. You have a pretty good idea as to whether or not you want to return to this doctor. Many of us seem to be in such a hurry (for what I’m not sure!) we neglect to make ourselves, and our children a priority and settle for less because it is convenient.

You know the old adage, “you get what you pay for”! By not taking the responsibility upon ourselves, to provide us with the best by acknowledging our feelings and reactions, we settle and are taken advantage of. Therefore, like anything or anyone else you are checking out for yourself, be that way with regard to your pet. Have some guidelines set. You know some guidelines to stay within when you take your child to the doctor, so be that way with a reading for your pet. Grant you, the guidelines are a lot different, but one thing you can do is pay attention to what the communicator/reader is saying. Is this something you already told the communicator/reader, and she’s just repeating this information back to you? Is it a generalization about the species, or is it a specific detail about your pet? Are there pieces of information given that could only be known if the communicator knew you and/or your pet? Be skeptical. Ask for proof. I do! And think! Don’t get so wrapped up in your emotional trauma that you are unaware of what is happening.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: How does the pet owner know if the ‘communicator’ is providing actual information gathered from the pet, or if they are rephrasing information the owner gave them, or simply just fabricating stories?

Ruth: In my opinion, a person who is ‘reading’ for another will put forth information that is a ‘validation’ for that person; information that the reader could not possibly know from any other source. In my case, when I begin a reading the very first information that is given is some type of quirky information that is associated directly with that person. It’s so quirky to me that I ask the person if it makes sense to them. That way we both know I am locked into their field and can read for them. For example, when I did a reading for a woman (who happened to be an acquaintance of mine) who doubted the whole process, but none-the-less was curious and wanted to learn about the experience, I was shown first the Looney Tune characters. I asked her if this made sense to her. She said it meant nothing. We continued on and went through the reading. The next day I went to her home to drop off her tape of the reading, and when she let me in, there standing against the foyer wall were her set of golf clubs. (I didn’t even know she played golf.) On the golf clubs were covers with Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and Sylvester. (Ahem!) When I pointed them out to her and reminded her that was the first information to come through in her reading, all she could say was, “Oh my gosh!”

Paws-A-Tive Choice: When should a pet owner contact a ‘communicator’ regarding a ‘reading’?

Ruth: That really would be a decision for the pet owner. It would be presumptuous of me to say I knew when that would be. For me personally, I always try to solve a puzzle with the pieces at hand. If that doesn’t work, I immediately start looking for alternatives. A reading is merely another tool to try to solve the puzzle. A tool, that for me is as viable as picking up, say, a pen with which to write. And notice, I said reading, not communicating.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Where is the best place for the owner and pet to be when the pet is receiving his ‘reading’?

Ruth: As long as I have a picture, a name, and the questions, I don’t think it matters.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Why do you prefer doing an e-mail reading for an animal, as opposed to doing a telephone reading with the owner?

Ruth: I can get directly to the animal’s energy without the owner’s energy running interference, if you will. The owner is probably going to be upset in some way about the animal (after all, why else would they want me involved) and the owner’s energy could be more of a hindrance than a help. I can get directly to the animal if I have its name and a picture. If the pet owner does not have email, then I would prefer a letter, with a picture and the questions. Lastly, if there were no other way, I would do a telephone reading for the pet.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Can a pet owner of any species of animal have a Celestial Reading done for their pet?

Ruth: I believe that any species that can have direct interaction with a human can be contacted. It is my belief that all species are part of group animal souls in the non-physical world. For example, when a puppy or alligator becomes a pet, the human interaction received separates them from the group and makes them an individual, and so allows them the evolution of being one with God. I believe this includes wild animals also. If a tiger or zebra is rescued and tended by a human, that animal separates from the group soul and through the human touch evolves at a higher spiritual level. If that zebra is then returned to the wild, its spirit once again returns to the group soul.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: How do you receive the information that is channeled through the animal to you?

Ruth: I receive information through the senses. I feel, hear, see, smell, and taste. I am given pictures and symbols, and most of them make sense in my frame of reference. Sometimes they don’t. If that is the case, I will tell the person what I’m seeing and ask them if that has any meaning for them. If it does, great! That’s a validation for them. If not, I ask them to keep it in mind as something maybe coming up in the future. Sometimes I just don’t understand what I’m being shown, so there can be junk only because of me, the interpreter.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: If a person would like to set up a Celestial Reading with you for their pet, how can they contact you?

Ruth: By email or telephone. At that time I would give them particulars about how I do the reading, and what I would need from them.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Why should a pet owner contact you for assistance with their pet?

Ruth: I wouldn’t want to presume that I know specific reasons why someone would want to contact me. I would hope it would be in the best interest of the pet and its owner and for the best resolution to the problem.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Have you ever had a negative experience doing a Celestial Reading?

Ruth: I believe everyone who is read has a different reaction. Many people are afraid, and/or skeptical when it comes to this type of experience. When fear is in the picture it creates a ‘cocoon’ of energy that wraps around that person like insulation. This happens whether the person is aware of it or not. Fear is a powerful emotion.

I had a young woman hang up on me in the middle of a reading because she didn’t want to hear the information that was coming through. After 15 or 20 minutes went by, as I sat in stunned silence, she called back and apologized, saying she wanted to finish the reading, which we did. Afterwards she confessed that instead of really listening to how the information applied to her, she made quantum leaps in her mind about what ‘could’ happen and created so much fear within her mind of ‘what ifs’ that she hung up! It was an interesting experience for me.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Why would you like to pursue doing animal readings?

Ruth: If I could help alleviate the worry, frustration, fear and sadness of the pet owner who really doesn’t know what to do and who loves the pet so much they would do anything to help it, then how wonderful that would be. It is very disheartening to have to stand by and watch your beloved suffer and not understand what is happening to them or why. As a pet owner myself, I have been through that torture.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers regarding your philosophies about Celestial Readings?                                                 

Ruth: I am happy to share some information about me so your readers will feel comfortable in the decision they make as to whether they wish to work with me. I’m just an ordinary person who has to live through trials and tribulations just like others do. The only way I choose to use my abilities is to be of service to others in the hopes I will have helped them in some way.

I prefer doing readings by telephone or email rather than in person, because that way it assures the person I haven’t heard or seen something that I can use as my ‘reading material’. It’s also more convenient for everyone. If a reading is done by phone it is always taped, however I do encourage people to take notes as well.

My fees are reasonable and I never ask for money up front. I do my work from a spiritual framework, always meditating before a reading, always using affirmation and prayer before the work. Although I am new to pet readings, I will never fabricate information. If I am unable to connect with a pet, I will say so. It does happen the same as with people. Some people are so wrapped up in fear that its difficult to penetrate and get the connection. I’m sure it would be the same for an animal. For example, one that was abused and rescued is still carrying around that cloak of fear and may be difficult to read.

Paws-A-Tive Choice: Thank you Ruth for sharing your gift. I’ve enjoyed working with you and I hope my web visitors enjoyed reading about you and your specialty. It’s comforting to knowwe can call upon you when we need assistance with our pets.