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Embracing Healing Touch

By JJ Frederickson

There is a difference between being relaxed and being at peace. I can relax during a massage, relax on vacation and relax with a good book … but being at peace is deeper.

Being at peace means acceptance of what can’t be controlled. It means having minimal stress in my life. Being at peace means alternately being able to focus the mind or completely clear the mind. Peace is a feeling of extreme well-being.

Before I became involved with energy work I was never at peace; I could relax, but peace was elusive. When it comes to school or work, I am a Type-A Personality. I suffered from headaches and insomnia from the time I started high school. I felt burnt out at the young age of 26 and quit my journalism career. I accepted a lower stress, part-time job as a receptionist at a chiropractic office.

The Journey Begins

I didn’t believe in chiropractic, necessarily. My mother had visited a chiropractor periodically for her scoliosis, but she had an actual back problem. When my employers said they could work with my back to help my headaches, I was very skeptical. But I was offered free chiropractic adjustments, so why not give it a try? Guess what? It worked! The tide of skepticism started to turn.

So when one of the staff massage therapists became a certified acupuncturist and said she could help with my insomnia (and give me a very low rate), why not give it a try? Again, I had no preconceived notions that sticking needles in me was going to make me sleep better, but I was desperate after not having a good night’s sleep in 12 years. Guess what? It worked! I continued with acupuncture every 4 to 6 weeks to keep “regulated” and continued to sleep well.

I eventually left my job at the chiropractors’ office (but not my monthly chiropractic adjustments) and began a new career as a dance studio owner. I loved my job, but stress levels were high once again. Because of my adjustments and acupuncture, I was still well rested and headache-free, but I couldn’t relax. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as being at peace.

Healing Touch

At that time, Kathy approached me and told me about her training in Healing Touch. Since I’d already experienced such success with complementary holistic treatments, I embraced the concept of Healing Touch.

At my first appointment we discussed my current physical and mental state, my medical history and the complementary treatments I was already receiving. Since I was already addressing my headaches and insomnia, Kathy and I decided to work with Healing Touchtechniques that would help me release tension in my back and shoulders. I also have some mild circulation problems, so Kathy felt that she could help me raise my energy level, which could result in better circulation.

She started slowly during the first appointment. She did some very mild techniques to make sure I wasn’t going to be overwhelmed by a new energy modality; I don’t even think she touched me. Yet, at the end of the session I felt extremely relaxed … like I’d had a deep massage. It was great!

Even though I believed in energy work, I still have to experience something to be completely sold on the concept. I decided to continue with Healing Touch because it’s so relaxing, but I wasn’t sure my circulation was going to improve. Guess what? It did!

I see Kathy once a month and eventually stopped acupuncture altogether (Kathy’s more convenient for my schedule). We continue to address my circulation, but I also see her if I’m coming down with an illness or experiencing a particularly stressful or emotional period in my life. Kathy changes her sessions depending on what I feel I need. We spend a lot of time in discussion before and after the treatment to make sure my goals and expectations are being met.

Taking the Next Step

My general Healing Touch goal is to keep my energy system functioning optimally so that my physical body can better handle mental/emotional stress and the physical stress of being a dance teacher. Achieving this goal alone makes Healing Touch a great modality for me. But what about that feeling of peace and well-being that I mentioned earlier? That is the bonus that Healing Touch has given me.

The night of my first appointment, I went to bed and turned my lights off. Usually that’s when my mind would automatically review the day and look ahead to what needs to be done tomorrow, this week, this month, etc. On this night, however, my mind was completely clear. I honestly couldn’t remember when my mind had last been clear.

With my history of insomnia and headaches, I had tried all of the meditation/relaxation exercises that I could find. They never worked for me, because I could only focus on them for a minute before my mind would start to wander through all of its “to do” lists and upcoming projects. Now I could clear my mind, I revisited some of these exercises. Guess what? They worked! And I felt GREAT!

I studied more and more about energy and meditation and even joined a monthly meditation group. I now meditate regularly (sometimes daily), and it has become a very important part of my spiritual practice. Now I am able to go through life feeling at peace.

I have an occasional headache, sleepless night or stressful day, but with my Healing Touch and meditation I’m able to get back on track quickly. I can release the need to control the uncontrollable. I can stop worrying about things that I can’t change. I feel strong and capable of meeting life’s challenges.

I truly believe that I’ve found the keys to living my life to its fullest potential. Life can’t be perfect, but it can be full of joy, full of love and full of peace.