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Energy Medicine

Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing

by Caroline Myss
I have read numerous books on energy medicine, but I have never come upon an author who is able to link our energy system to spirituality quite the way Dr. Myss can. She teaches that we all have the inner power to connect to a divine energy. Her descriptions of our energetic structure and our individual spiritual code, somewhat like a genetic code, demonstrates that there is a relationship between the two. This book has aided me to look at my own life structure, and evaluate how my health and surrounding environment impact my spiritual development.

The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields (Quest Book)

by Shafica Karagulla
This book was excellent. The authors accomplished the task of explaining the human energy field in detail; the structure and function of the field, the roles of the individual chakras, and the diseases that often relate to disturbances in the energy field. I use this book as a reference tool in my practice.

The Energetics of Healing

by Caroline Myss
Dr. Myss’ presentation allowed me to become better acquainted with the chakra system from the perspective of a pioneer in energy medicine. Dr. Myss is a dynamic speaker to watch. The way she carries herself proves that not only does she completely understand energy medicine, but also teaches it from the heart. Rather than relating each chakra to a medical disorder or to a specific organ in the body, Dr. Myss speaks about each chakra and how to manage the form of energy particular to each one.

I now view each chakra as a data bank that stores historical information from our life experiences. This is a must have for anyone seriously interested in energy medicine. Note: Contact Sounds True, Inc. directly about obtaining a copy of this video: www.soundstrue.com

The Healing Energy of Your Hands

by Michael Bradford
During the time I was going through my education in Healing Touch, I read many books on energy medicine. I recently came across this book while visiting a local book store. After reading this book, I believe this should be required reading for anyone devoted to the studies of energetic healing.

Bradford has supremely put together this easy-to-use guide to hands-on healing. He discusses the basics of healing energy, illness within the body and the importance of the mind/spirit connection in the healing process. Bradford also explains several techniques that teach the reader how to use her hands to sense energy, clear energy blockages, balance the chakras, cleanse the auric field and how to use affirmations as part of the healing sequence.

If you have an interest in energy medicine and you’d like to learn the nature of healing energy, this is one book you should absolutely read. I’m giving The Healing Energy of Your Hands two paws up!


Joy’s Way, A Map for the Transformational Journey: An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies

by W. Brugh Joy
Joy’s Way was one of the first books I read related to Healing Touch. I use Joy’s “Chakra Connection” extensively with clients. Another technique I have done with other Healing Touch Practitioners is Joy’s “dyadic exercise”. My HT Level 1 instructor called it the “heart to heart”. I found this to be a beneficial exercise in learning how to share unconditional love regardless if the energy is returned.

I thought this book was a very informative, honest description of medicine as a whole. Joy’s descriptions of his experience with energy work were very much in line with my views.


Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential

by Caroline Myss
I was aware of Caroline Myss’ book Sacred Contracts, but I was unaware that she also had this 5-CD audio workshop. This collection is intended to complement her book.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Myss’ work. This audio workshop expanded my belief system regarding “divine intervention”. She explores spiritual philosophies that can define life purpose by following her 12 central archetypes and a symbolic Wheel of Life.

If you’re seeking emotional and spiritual growth, the Sacred Contracts workshop will help guide you along your own personal path. After listening to this collection, you may be delightfully surprised as to where your path leads you. Note: Contact Sounds True, Inc. directly about obtaining a copy of this audio workshop: www.soundstrue.com


Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves

by Richard Gerber Richard Garber
This was the best book I’ve read yet on energy medicine. The numerous topics Dr. Gerber covered provided a thorough background of the many modalities of vibrational medicine. Whether we are using Acupuncture, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, or Flower Essences, these are all energy-based, and are all dealing with matter at the subatomic level. I have referenced this book on numerous occasions, and have recommended it to clients as well as others who have stated an interest in learning more about energy medicine. I highly suggest this book become required reading for anyone pursuing energy medicine.

Wheels of Light: A Study of the Chakras (Wheels of Light)

by Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Bruyere Rosalyn L.
Bruyere’s philosophy of looking at the energy centers for underlying problems, and then treating them correspondingly, has influenced the way I consult with my clients. Bruyere states that “a person’s energy field or the individual aura around the body, which is created and controlled by the chakras, reflects how one’s life actually is lived; it mirrors the flow of that life.” I have taken that statement and used that as a basis for how I will approach the client. This also gives me a basis for asking more questions about their lifestyle, and thoughts or beliefs.

Working With Your Chakras: A Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Approach

by Ruth White
This is a practical guide that teaches a nonspecialist how to experience energy within the aura and to use that energy to balance and heal aspects of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical beings.

White describes simple exercises along with meditation and color visualization to assist the reader with exploration of her own energy field as well as working with other’s.

Each chakra is discussed in thorough detail and the author provides case histories pertaining to the individual chakras. This is a nice introductory book, as Ruth White takes a physical, emotional and spiritual approach.