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Sylvia Browne’s Book of Angels

by Sylvia Browne
Book of Angels is a marvelous book. Even if you’re not a believer in angels, you will still enjoy this subject matter. Browne shares many of her experiences with angels and she provides detailed descriptions of the different classes of angels such as Archangels, the Cherubim and Seraphim along with two new phyla: the Powers and the Carrions. Browne discusses much, much more in this warm and inviting book. Check it out. It’s a fun and interesting read!

Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams

by Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison
Each of us dreams. Research shows that dreams are an important part of maintaining good mental health. However, how much do we really know about dreams? Dreams can seem so real. According to Sylvia Browne, some of the dreams are real and aren’t a dream at all. Has that piqued your curiosity?

In this book, Browne takes a detailed look into the dream world. She explains the different types of dreams we have: Prophetic dreams, Release dreams, Wish dreams and what information we can learn from dreams, such as problem-solving. The chapter that I found most fascinating was the chapter on “Astral Visits”. Browne also answers questions as to why we sometimes will experience temporary paralysis while we sleep and the symbols in our dreams and what they mean.

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, so I found Browne’s book to be quite enjoyable. She answered many questions that I’ve had all my life pertaining to dreams. I finally found the answers in Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams. This book gets two paws up!

Breaking the Patterns of Depression

by Michael D. Yapko
Everyone goes through periods in life when we feel blue. But for so many individuals, it goes way beyond feeling blue. Depression is a disorder that does not discriminate among age, gender, religion or social status. For those who are diagnosed with depression, they often feel a sense of hopelessness.

Dr. Yapko says, “depression can be treated effectively and the treatment’s effects can make a difference that will last a lifetime”. In this book, you will begin to understand depression and help you cope with its effects and show you how it can be defeated.

With Breaking the Patterns of Depression, you will learn to manage difficult situations; solve problems effectively; anticipate the likely consequences of your actions; think and act in a powerful, goal-oriented fashion; balance different areas of your life and use your self-knowledge to stay out of hurtful situations.

This book is extremely helpful for people who are living with a depressed individual. You will be able to take a pro-active approach to helping your loved one. This is an excellent book!

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

by Sylvia Browne
If you are not familiar with what a spirit guide is and how your guide assists you in your daily life, you will want to read Browne’s book. She describes the various kinds of guides that are available to each of us and she explains the ways in which our guides communicate with us. There is also a CD that accompanies this book that includes answers to commonly asked questions about spirit guides. Sylvia discusses her own personal experiences with spirit guides and she reviews the differences between angels and spirit guides.

The second half of the CD is devoted to a meditation that is intended to help the listener find out who her spirit guide is and how to keep the lines of communication open with that guide. I found the information in this book fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the CD and participating in the meditation.

Crossing the Rubicon: Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond in Life and Death

by Julie Kaufman
This is a beautiful collection of stories, poems, interviews and exercises designed to help the reader through the grief process after losing a pet.

I read this book over a 3-day period while working out on my treadmill. (This is always my time to read material that is of strong interest to me.) It’s a good thing that I’m fairly coordinated. Between holding the book, walking at 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 miles per hour, while having difficulties seeing because of the tears streaming down my cheeks, made for work-outs that were not only physically cleansing, but emotionally cleansing as well.

Each page is filled with intense compassion; so much so, that you can feel the deep sense of caring and love for every animal that is written about in Crossing the Rubicon. Dr.Kaufman has done a wonderful job of organizing these heart-warming stories and poems into an easy-to-read book that you can pick up and read at any time.

Even if you have been fortunate enough to have not experienced the death of a pet, you will appreciate the material in Dr. Kaufman’s book. It truly is a celebration of the bond we share with our beloved pets. This book absolutely gets TWO PAWS UP!

Current Issues in Nutrition, Health and Weight; a Biopsychosocial perspective (Health Professionals Earn Up to 8.0 Hours of Credit, 4-CD Set Plus Syllabus)

by Karen Wolfe
I was just delighted when I learned that Cortext was distributing a 4-CD collection of Dr. Karen Wolfe’s brand new seminar: “Current Issues in Nutrition, Health and Weight”. I was fortunate to attend a Cortext seminar where Dr. Wolfe was the featured speaker. It was an outstanding seminar, so therefore I was confident this seminar would follow suit. I was correct.

The issue of “weight” is a serious topic. Americans spend billions of dollars annually on weight-loss products and services, just to have the majority of them fail the user in the end.

I’ve been looking for something, someone to set me straight on proper nutrition, health and maintaining a weight that is right for me, not what the media presents as the “ideal” weight or body image of a woman in her 30’s.

Regardless of your age, weight and current state of health, you will find that Dr. Wolfe presents the latest scientific research to view the many controversies, fad diets and diet products, and the fallicies that surround the ever changing field of nutrition and weight management.

This collection comes with 4 CDs and a booklet that summarizes this seminar. I’ve listened to this seminar three times in its entirety and will be listening to it again. The information presented is of great value.

Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes

by Paul Martin, Donna Brenner
This is a hands-on workbook that allows readers to evaluate life patterns that have shaped the way we express ourselves in our personal and professional relationships. Brenner and Martin give the reader the opportunity to do some self-exploration by providing exercises to encourage personal growth by reviewing obstacles that have interfered with relationships throughout ones life. This book is excellent for therapists, counselors and anyone interested in learning how to break out of destructive behavioral patterns. I highly recommend Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes for the well defined exercises that help the reader review his personal history and assist with creating a new self-image to appreciate the unique individual each of us is.

Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power

by Caroline Myss
Whenever I see anything by Caroline Myss, I usually purchase a copy of the book or audio/video cassettes.

I believe the topic of “self-esteem” is something that we all deal with on some level. Whether you have a lot of self-confidence, or are struggling with inner issues, this four-cassette audio series sheds new light on this often misunderstood subject.

Some of the areas Myss discusses in this series are how strong self-esteem can threaten other people and the importance of why you must strengthen it anyway; how one’s intuition, spiritual guidance, self-healing capacity and self-esteem depends on each other. In addition, Myss provides guided exercises for developing healthy self-esteem.

This is a powerful and very helpful audio cassette series. I listened to this four-tape collection three times in succession in order to truly grasp what Dr. Myss was teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed this and believe you will too.

When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough: Strategies for Coping With Perfectionism

by Martin M. Antony, Richard P. Swinson
Self-improvement is a good thing, as long as we don’t go to extreme. I believe we all go through times when we fear making mistakes and have concerns that others are judging us. When these fears and feelings of “not being good enough” become a way of life, it can be disabling. Sometimes we set such high standards for ourselves, that we expect others to meet those expectations as well. This can create relationship problems with family, friends, co-workers and yes, even our pets!

For people who are involved in any competitive field whether it is competing in a sport, or canine and/or equine competition(s), these events can be stressful for both human and animal. I know from personal experience that perfectionism can be self-sabatoging. If you suffer from “perfectionism”, you probably understand the disadvantages of this.

Would you like to break free of this unrealistic way of life? Then I truly encourage you to read this book! Drs. Antony and Swinson have put together methods of coping with perfectionism. The exercises are designed to change perfectionistic beliefs and behaviors. It is important to actually use the strategies described to see the best results. Remember, you DON’T have to do these exercises perfectly. Take the pressure off of yourself, and if you compete with your pet, please take the pressure off of him! As with anything worthwhile, it takes time to make noticeable changes.