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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch: A Practical Guide

by Janet Macrae
I found this book to be quite helpful early on in my energy medicine studies, as it discussed in detail the method behind Therapeutic Touch. The detailed outline of preparing for a treatment, assessing the energy flow, clearing loose congestion, balancing the field and ending the treatment was extremely helpful to a newcomer working with this healing modality. The book was fast reading, and yet the comprehensiveness of the material did not take away from its validity.

The Therapeutic Touch: How to Use Your Hands to Help or to Heal

by Dolores Krieger
I had just finished reading The Therapeutic Touch when a friend of mine had her first child, born five weeks prematurely. I remembered reading the section in Chapter Two about how well babies respond to Therapeutic Touch. I asked my friend if I could do some Therapeutic Touch on her daughter, and she agreed. I was amazed at the baby’s reaction. She was crying a little when I first began, but in less than a minute, she stopped, seemingly quite content. I could sense the effect my touch had on her, and what I did was natural for anyone holding an infant. If you are interested in this healing modality, Therapeutic Touch, check out this book.