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Quantum Physics

The Physics of New Healing by Deepak Chopra

Sounds True, Inc.
I was intrigued by the notion that our bodies are composed of continual changing energy fields. The part of the presentation I believe I could relate most to was the concept of “Premature Cognitive Commitment”. I am a dog trainer, and I see the “thought process” time and time again when working with dogs. If an animal learns a behavior, they commit to that behavior, and the more commitment they make, the stronger that behavior becomes. This audiotape has taught me a great deal about my own “inner intelligence”, but also about all living beings.

Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine

by Deepak Chopra
Quantum Healing truly expanded my awareness of mind-body medicine. Throughout his book, Dr. Chopra discusses the principles of Western medicine and an ancient life science called Ayurveda. He so firmly believes that mental awareness and intention should be an active part of health care, just as drugs and surgery are. As Dr. Chopra has discovered, I too am discovering that people are no longer accepting the “black or white” interpretation of health and illness. They are asking for more natural and non-invasive healing modalities not only for themselves, but for their pets as well. I am hoping that contemporary health care will open itself up to accept more energy-based therapies.

Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics

by Nick Herbert
If one has not been exposed to Quantum Physics, this book is a good place to start. It is technical from the standpoint that it covers experimental theories such as Wave Motion and Bell’s Interconnectedness Theorem. However, the material is presented in such a way that a lay person, such as myself, can comprehend the subject at hand. I did not find this book helpful as a comparison to mystical beliefs. I did find it educational as a separate study of physics, and the more I study Quantum Theory, the more I understand the connection to energetic healing.

The Tao of Physics

by Fritjof Capra
I found this book quite interesting. It discussed the theories behind classical and modern physics, and showed how Quantum Theory forces us to view the universe not as a collection of physical objects, but as an intricate web of relations between the various parts of a unified whole. Capra succeeded in uniting Eastern Philosophical Mystics with the scientific view of modern physics. Space and time are constructs of the mind. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in expanding her knowledge of physics and mysticism.